MyUS is Your American middleman for goods delivery.

Having a MyUS account allows you to shop all American stores and have products delivered to your door even if those stores don't ship to Australia and France etc.

About MyUS
MyUS was originally conceived as a means for expatriates to receive US catalogs and mail overseas. This simple idea flourished, and quickly grew into a pioneering global company that opened US retail channels to international shoppers.

For 20 years, consumers around the globe have trusted MyUS to provide a simple, reliable way to shop US online stores and ship their purchases worldwide. We deliver a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process and complete online account management to over 400,000 members in 220 countries and territories, including Saudi Arabia, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland.

MyUS has been named to Inc. magazine's 5000 fastest growing private companies in America seven times since 2008, and for good reason. As the first and largest company in the industry, MyUS receives and ships over $240 million in eCommerce purchases annually, with hundreds of new members joining every day.

Only MyUS has the resources, expertise, customer dedication and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the US consistently fast, dependable and affordable. MyUS locations include its corporate distribution and operations facility in Sarasota, Fla., and a sales and marketing office in Chicago, Ill.

1. Get a MyUS address.

Simply complete and submit our easy online registration. You can begin shopping right away with your personal MyUS address. We have a membership option to fit every shipping need.

2. Start shopping USA stores.

Shop top brands and great deals only available from USA retailers like Amazon, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom and 6PM. Simply enter your MyUS address at checkout, and your purchases will be shipped (often for free) to our USA facility.

3. Tell MyUS how you want to ship & save.

You will be notified via email as soon as your order is received at our USA facility. View and manage all your packages from your MyUS online account, 24/7.
Our experts will record product details for you for export documents, and will inspect every package to ensure no items are damaged. Your purchases are securely stored in our warehouse.

4. Get your goods fast and worry-free.

You'll get fast delivery at discounted rates, thanks to our long-term partnerships with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS. Most MyUS members worldwide receive their packages in just 2 to 4 days!

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